WBC Pipette

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WBC Pipette

WBC Pipette

A Pipette is a tool used in to dispense a measurable quantity of blood.   Various pipettes are used in  hematology which includes WBC & RBC pipettes, Hemoglobin pipette etc.   Here we will understand  the differences between WBC &  RBC pipettes and their various uses.
This is a bulb pipette having a long stem with a capillary bore and a pointed tip. The bulb contains a white bead inside. A small rubber tube provided with a mouth piece is connected to the small narrow portion, above the bulb for sucking fluid into the pipette

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1. Describe the WBC Pipette
WBC pipette has white bead in the bulb and it has marking of 0.5, 1 and 11.
2. What is the role of red bead in WBC pipette?
Helps in identification of pipette
Helps in mixing of diluting fluid and blood
To ensure dryness of pipette: Free mobility indicates a dry pipette
3. What are the other uses of WBC pipette?
It is used wherever higher dilution is required Eg; High total leukocyte count and total sperm count
4. Name the diluting fluid used for WBC count
Turk’s fluid
5. What are the composition of Turks fluid and mention their role?
Glacial acetic acid – lyse the RBC
1% Gentian violet- stain the WBC nuclei
6. What are the other uses of W-B-C pipette?
It can be used for eosinophil count, platelet count, sperm count. Cell count in CSF, pleural / ascetic fluid and RBC count in severe anemia
7. Why one drop of fluid from WBC/RBC pipette is discarded?
Diluting fluid in the nozzle is not mixed with blood, hence a drop of fluid will be discarded
8. How to clean the pipette?
Cleaned by filling the pipette with distilled water and blowing it out twice. Finally, it will be filled with acetone and blown out. Acetone removes the water from it and dry it completely
9. What is the dilution used in W-B-C pipette?
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sam manuel

quality is good for both rbc and wbc

Dr. Ravi Ml

Rubber tube is soft and glass tube is clear visible, I am using both RBC and WBC tubes purchased from Microsidd

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