RBC Pipette

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RBC Pipette

The RBC pipette

is diluting pipette also present inside the Hemocytometer The blood along with the RBC diluting fluid is drawn in the pipette and are mixed well through the red bead present inside the bulb of the pipette

A Pipette is a tool used in to dispense a measurable quantity of blood.   Various pipettes are used in  hematology which includes RBC & WBC pipettes, Hemoglobin pipette etc.   Here we will understand  the differences between RBC &  WBC pipettes and their various uses.

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1. What is the  other name of  RBC/WBC pipette  used to make dilutions of whole blood?
Thoma pipette

2. Describe the R-B-C Pipette
RBC pipette has red bead in the bulb and it has marking of 0.5, 1 and 101.

3. What is the role of red bead in pipette?
Helps in identification of pipette
Helps in mixing of diluting fluid and blood
To ensure dryness of pipette: Free mobility indicates a dry pipette

4. What are the other uses of RBC pipette?
It is used wherever higher dilution is required Eg; High total leukocyte count and total sperm count

5. Name the diluting fluid used for RBC count
Hayem’s fluid, Dacie’s fluid

6. What is the dilution used in RBC pipette?

7. What is the volume of blood the pipette delivers
It delievers 20ul or 0.02 ml of blood.
8. What is the composition of Hayem’s fluid
Hayem’s fluid: a. Sodium chloride -0.5 gm
b. Sodium sulfate -2.5 gm
c. Mercuric chloride -0.25 gm
d. Distilled water – 100 ml.

9. What is the composition of Dacie’s fluid:
Dacie’s fluid:
a. Trisodium citrate – 3 gm.
b. Formalin – 1 ml.
b. Distill water – 99 ml.

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