HbA1c Analyzer Test Strips Xpress Strips

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for Handheld HbA1c meter with Lab like accuracy

Pack Size 25 strips
Easy to Handle, Easy to use, Just Like Glucometer
XpressA1c  strips are used for a testing of quantitative determination of glycated hemoglobin(HBA1c) in human whole blood It is used to monitor metabolic control in diabetic patients. it helps in diagnosis of the diabetes or pre-diabetes in adults 
1) Result in 5 mins
2) Excellent CV ie. Cv <3%(4-6.5%)
3) 18 months shelf life of the strips
4) Room temperature storage for the strips
5) Measuring range: 4-14%
6) Units : NGSP%, IFCC mmol/mol, eAG*mmol/l

To be only used with Hba1c Analyzer to buy new one click here

 Hba1c Analyzer hand held

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