HbA1c Analyzer Hand Held

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HbA1c Analyzer

Handheld HbA1c meter with Lab like accuracy

Easy to Handle, Easy to use, Just Like Glucometer

Principle – Boronate Affinity Chromatography principle
Time – Results are available in just 5 min
Measuring range – 4.0 %- 14.0 %
Our meter and strips is certified by – US FDA, NGSP and IFCC
We have a precision CV of <3%; especially for borderline cases
Memory – 1000 test results
Voice prompt and guides you at each and every step
Power – AAA battery x 4
Dimension – 61.6 mm X 122.9 mm X 24.5 mm
Free Xpress A1c Strips with pack Size of 25 tests ( limited time )

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