UROBAG Urine Collecting Bag

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UROBAG Urine Collecting Bag ROMSONS

Romsons Urobag DB1070-10 Romo-10

Key features of Romsons Urobag DB1070-10 Romo-10
Two litre capacity bag provided with 100 cm long super smooth kink resistant tubing ensures unrestricted flow.
Specially designed moulded handle facilitates easy carrying and handling of bag and holds the tube in upright position to prevent kinking.
Efficient non-return valve with top outlet.
Modified tapered connector facilitates aseptic catheter-urine bag connection.
Sterile, individually packed in ribbon pack. 

Product Name: UROBAG - Urine Collecting Bag Generic: Urine Collecting Bag With Bottom Outlet

Product Category: Urology

Capacity : 2000ml

Pack Size: 1 Bag

Available in Box of 25

Master Box of 100.

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