Urine Glucose Protein Strips Microsidd

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Urine Glucose Strips Microsidd

Test Screen Glucose and Proteins in urine simultaneously

Urine Test result in just 30 seconds No urine Analyser required

Tests upto 2000 mg/dl
6 variant bands to analyse
Pack Size 100 strips
Storage room temperature
Certifications: ISO13485:2015 ISO9001:2016 CE WHO-GMP
Other Variant: GLUCOSE KETONE to buy Click here
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Urine Glucose Strips 100's pack vial for Urinalysis screening Sugar and Protein in urine at home / lab, easy to use, just dip into urine and wait for few minutes and refer the chart ( see instructions manual provided ) buy original product only from MICROSIDD INDIA
Urine Glucose Strips are medical devices that are used to detect the presence of glucose and protein in a person's urine. These strips are often used to monitor individuals with diabetes or kidney disease.
The strips are made of a special material that reacts with glucose or protein in the urine. When the strip is placed in a small amount of urine, the material changes colour to indicate the presence and amount of glucose or protein.
To use the strips, a person typically collects a small sample of urine in a clean container and then dips the strip into the urine. After a few seconds, the strip is removed and the colour change is compared to a colour chart provided with the test strips. This comparison can help determine the level of glucose or protein in the urine.
It's important to note that urine glucose protein testing strips are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have concerns about your urine glucose or protein levels, it's important to speak with your healthcare provider.
Urine Glucose Strips & protein testing strips are relatively easy to use, and here are the general steps:
Wash your hands: Start by washing your hands with soap and warm water to ensure they are clean.
Collect urine sample: Collect a sample of urine in a clean container. The sample should be collected midstream, which means you start urinating before collecting the sample. It's important to collect a sufficient amount of urine to ensure the strip is fully immersed.
Dip the strip: Dip the Urine Glucose Strips into the urine sample for a few seconds, making sure that all of the testing areas are fully immersed.
Remove the strip: After a few seconds, remove the strip from the urine and gently shake off any excess urine.
Wait for the results: Wait for the strip to change colour according to the manufacturer's instructions. The time required for results varies between different brands and models of the strips.
Read the results: Compare the colour of the strip to the chart provided by the manufacturer, which indicates the levels of glucose and protein in the urine.
Interpret the results: Once you have compared the colours of the testing strip to the chart, you can interpret the results. High levels of glucose or protein in the urine can be an indication of a medical condition such as diabetes or kidney disease. It's important to discuss your results with your healthcare provider.
It's essential to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the testing strips to ensure accurate results.

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Dr. Ravi Ml

GP is precise

Dr. Humza

While comparing to microscopic test this is better

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