Tuning Fork 256 Mhz

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Tuning Fork 256 Mhz

MICROSIDD has crafted this tuning for with perfection for a fine tune with genuine surgical grade stainless steel, tuning forks are a two-tine, U-shaped instrument made of aluminum alloy used to examine and evaluate multiple medical conditions in both traditional and alternative medicine.
Traditionally tuning forks have been used to examine hearing and evaluate neurological disorders. Today they are used to promote relaxation, relieve pain, and improve mental and physical balance. Tuning forks are available in multiple frequencies and are commonly stamped with a note and frequency where the base of the tines meet the handle.
Some tuning forks are weighted and have a round weight at the end of each tine. These are typically used to address physical issues. Unweighted forks are used with the ears and around the body. This product is a weighted 256 Mhz tuning fork. It emits a low pitch and is commonly used in neurological testing. Tuning Fork 256 Mhz
A tuning fork is a small, two-pronged metal instrument that vibrates at a specific frequency when struck. The tuning fork with a frequency of 256 MHz is a relatively high frequency tuning fork that is commonly used in scientific and medical applications.
Tuning Fork 256 Mhz This type of tuning fork is typically made of high-grade steel, which allows it to vibrate at a very stable frequency. It has two prongs that are each approximately 2-3 inches in length, with a diameter of around 1/4 inch. The prongs are connected by a short stem, which is typically around 1 inch in length.
When the tuning fork is struck, it produces a high-pitched sound that is very pure and has a very precise frequency of 256 MHz. This frequency is often used as a reference frequency for calibrating scientific instruments, such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers, as well as for measuring the frequency response of audio equipment.
In medical applications, the Tuning Fork 256 Mhz is often used for neurological testing, particularly for testing hearing and detecting bone fractures. The vibration produced by the fork can be felt through the bones in the skull, making it useful for diagnosing certain types of hearing loss and identifying bone fractures that may not be visible on X-rays. Additionally, this tuning fork is sometimes used for acupuncture, where it is believed to help balance the body's energy flow.
Tuning Fork Variations available as below Tuning Fork 128 Mhz Tuning Fork 256 Mhz   512Mhz 1028Mhz  Click on product colour link to open the page

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