Syringe Pump

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Medical Syringe Pump

syringe pump

Model: SP201

Unique Voice Alarm system
syringe pump device triggered the voice prompt and stop injection
automatically when there is any malfunction, making
the infusion process safer and more reliable.

flow rate
50ml syringe:0.1~1500ml/h;
30ml syringe:0.1~900.0ml/h;
20ml syringe:0.1~600.0ml/h;
10ml syringe:0.1~300.0ml/h

the range of limiting volume 0~999.9ml

the range of injected volume 0~9999.9ml

Rechargeable lithium battery

accuracy of flow rate
Within ±3% (Choose the syringe of specified manufacturer 
This accuracy of flow rate is not including the errors of syringe 

purge rate
Purge rate of 50ml syringe:1500ml/h;
Purge rate of 30ml syringe:900.0ml/h;
Purge rate of 20ml syringe:600.0ml/h;
Purge rate of 10ml syringe:300.0ml/h

alarm & warms
The pump can give out alarming when injection soon finish,
injection finishing, injection of limited amount finished,
injection is blocked, syringe falls off, syringe is improperly 
installed, setting error, AC power has been pulled out,
low battery and so on.

injection blocked
Choose in the three kinds of occlusion alarm pressure
according to the clinical requirements(High,Medium,Low)

KVO rate 1ml/h

fuse specification
F1AL/250V ,two fuses(installed inside pump)

operating power
AC100~240.0V, 50/60Hz, Power:=30VA
Internal rechargeable battery: DC 11.1V,capacity=1600mAh.
The device could work constantly more than 4 hour at medium speed running mode, after the battery charged for 10 hours.

operating environment
temperature:+5~+40°C, relative humidity:20~90%

storing environment
temperature:-30°C~+55, relative humidity:=95%, ( No condensation state )

atmospheric pressure 860hPa~1060hPa

safety level
Class II with insulated enclosure, internal power supply,
BF-type continuous normal running equipment.

IP grade IPX1

dimensions 280(L)×210(W)×130(H)(mm)

weight 2.2kg

accessories Power line,operating manual,warranty card,product certification.

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