QuikCheck Cholesterol Monitoring Device

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Quik Check Cholesterol Monitor

Quik Check Cholesterol Digital monitoring Device System from ACON USA

Free 5 strips

This is a digital meter for testing Total Cholesterol within 15 seconds with just 4 micro liter of Blood Sample either Venous or, Capillary. It is Quick, Reliable, Portable , convinient and Easy to use at bedside of Patients as Point of Care Product

Quick Total Cholesterol results in 15-70 seconds
Simply insert Strips, apply Blood specimen and read results
Auto Calibration for added convenience
No specimen preparation required
Low Maintenance and quick clean up

Accurate Precise result Cholesterol from 100-450mg/dl
Only a single drop of fingertip Blood 4 ul Sample volume required
upto 12-2 years strip Storage maximum test results
Portable Operated by Battery or, Optional AC Adapter
Small and handled for immediate Diagnosis
Ready to use in any Point of Care setting
Dry Strips hence easy to carry anywhere
Convenient Can test Capillary and venous whole Blood.
Minimum Training required
Easy to use large LCD
Quick data Transfer via USB Port
Cholesterol Test Strips Special Strips for Digital meter
Sales Package
1 Full Kit Cholesterol Monitor Device System, 5 Strips, 5 Lancets, Lancing Device, Pouch, Owners Manual.

Quik Check Cholesterol Monitor

Quik Check Cholesterol Monitor strips

Cholesterol Testing Meter

Cholesterol Testing Strips

Mfg at:
Acon Biotech (Hangzhou) co ltd
Hangzhou, China 
Acon Laboratories
San-diago, CA - USA 

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Cholesterol testing strips and Cholesterol monitors are two different types of cholesterol Monitor devices.
Cholesterol testing strips are typically used with a handheld device called a cholesterol monitor. You would place a drop of blood on the strip, and the meter would read the cholesterol level in your blood based on the reaction between the strip and your blood. These types of devices are often used by people who need to monitor their cholesterol levels at home, such as those who have been diagnosed with high cholesterol or who are at risk for heart disease.
Digital cholesterol monitors, on the other hand, are typically larger, more advanced devices that can provide more detailed information about your cholesterol levels.
These monitors often use a finger prick to obtain a blood sample, and then use advanced technology to measure your cholesterol levels. Some digital monitors can also measure other markers of heart health, such as triglycerides and glucose levels.
While both cholesterol testing strips and digital cholesterol monitors can be useful tools for monitoring your cholesterol levels, it's important to talk to your healthcare provider about which device is right for you.
Your healthcare provider can help you understand the pros and cons of each type of device, and can recommend any necessary lifestyle changes or medications to help manage your cholesterol levels.

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Customer Reviews

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Gajanan Pawar

Best in the market!


Kashim Khan

best monitor


Sachine Ambegoankar

Accurate machine, affordable, very easy to use and measure blood sugar levels at home with elders


uday hemani

works great for camps


Anand iyer

Best buy


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