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Olerup SSP® Low Resolution Kits and Combi Trays

Olerup is a world leader in the research and development of kits for genomic HLA typing. Olerup product lines are used prior to transplantations to match donors with recipients. Better matching reduces the risk of complications following transplantation. HLA typing is a standard procedure in bone marrow transplantation (hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) and organ transplantation (kidney, lung, heart, and others).

Olerup product lines include:
Olerup SSP ® - Sequence Specific Primer
SBT Resolver TM - Sequencing Based Typing 
XM -One® - Transplant Cross Match

¨      Olerup SSP - Genomic HLA Typing

Olerup SSP® genotyping products is easy to learn and easy to teach. All Olerup SSP® genotyping products follow the same protocol for amplification program, which

allows you to mix and match your PCR set up as you please.


¨      Benefits of Olerup SSP®:

¨       High resolution

¨       One test per PCR plate marked with Product name and Lot number

¨       Most up-to-date, quarterly allele updates 

¨       Minimum amount of DNA and Taq Polymerase required

¨       No mineral oil over-lay 

¨       Multiple package sizes 

¨       Color-coded plastic for different HLA gene loci


¨      Product Information / Details :




v  HLA-A

v  HLA-B

v  HLA-C

Olerup SSP was founded in 1992 by transplantation physician and associate professor Olle Olerup, who at the time was working at Huddinge Hospital in Stockholm. Over the years he has built up a company that is well-positioned in international markets, has a well known brand and strong proprietary expertise in HLA typing.

Olerup SSP’s HLA typing kits have been CE marked as an IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device) for many years, certification that is required for sales in Europe. In 2009, the products received FDA 510 (k) registration, clearing them for sales in the U.S. Clearance was also granted by Health Canada in 2009 allowing sales of the products in Canada.

Olerup SSP provides a test system for the typing of HLA alleles using the PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)-SSP (Single Specific Primer) method. The SSP typing method uses the PCR as a system to amplify DNA sequences with the help of specific primers that bind only to a complementary DNA sequence. In contrast, non-complementary primers do not bind to the DNA and no amplification takes place. Detection of an amplified DNA is done using gel electrophoresis.

PCR-SSP works for all HLA loci, providing fast, accurate results with a high level of resolution

Olerup SSP currently offers around 115-120 different typing kits, covering the approximately 6,000 different HLA alleles that have been identified to date. Approximately five new HLA alleles are identified per day. It takes one to a few months to update all the kits for the new alleles.

Olerup SSP offers both products for high-resolution and low resolution HLA typing with very low frequency of false positive and false negative reactions.

Olerup SSP AB has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to the following Quality Management System Standards:

  •          ISO 9001:2008
  •          ISO 13485:2003
  •          EN ISO 13485:2012

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