Microsidd Urine Strips glucose protein 100 strip pack

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Urinalysis Strips

2 parameter Glucose and Proteins test in urine 

Urinalysis Strips Reagent 

A rapid screening tool for the detection of up to 2 analytes on one strip 
Easy to Use Just dip and read - no instrument needed
Urinalysis Rapid Results
30 seconds to 2 minutes
Superior European-produced color charts provide consistent, dependable readings
High Quality Color Chart
Cost Effective 100 test per canister with performance better than or equal to the current market leader at a much lower price Urine Reagent Strips. Simple and Accurate Analytical sensitivity better than or comparable to market leaders. High quality color chart ensures accurate
Consistent Quality with 2 Year Shelf Life
Also Look for Urine analysis Strips Glucose and Ketones
Fresh Batch with expiry date

Customer Reviews

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sam manuel
Good one

earlier purchased this from amazon several times, buying from microsidd.com is better

Mangilal Jain
its worth it

got this product first from amazon then tried buying from microsidd directly, prepaid was the only option. got timely free delivery as said 4-5days, i am a frequent buyer

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