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Micropipette Tips

Micropipette yellow tips 02 to 200 ul,

yellow - pack of 1000 tips pouch pack

These Micropipette yellow tips 200 ul  can be used with a variety of fixed or variable volume micropipettes ranging from 10 ul to 200 ul in volume. These Gilson-style pipette tips have a smooth gradual taper for even liquid dispensing and a good fit on the micropipette. They are yellow color-coded for easy identification. You get 200 non-sterile pipette tips packed in a plastic box with clear cover for easy access. The box can be refilled and reused. The box and pipette tips can be autoclaved.

Micropipette yellow tips are small, disposable plastic attachments that are used to dispense and transfer small volumes of liquids with micropipettes. They come in a variety of sizes, typically ranging from 10 µL to 1000 µL, and are designed to fit specific types of micropipettes.
Micropipette yellow tips are typically made from high-quality, ultra-clear polypropylene, which is a durable and inert material that does not interfere with the accuracy or precision of the micropipetting process. They may also be made from other materials such as low-retention plastics or conductive materials for specialized applications.
The tips feature a narrow, tapered end that allows for precise delivery of small volumes of liquid, and a wider, flared end that securely attaches to the micropipette. Many micropipette tips are designed to be universal, meaning they can be used with a wide range of micropipettes from different manufacturers, while others are specific to a particular brand or model.
Micropipette yellow tips are commonly used in research laboratories, clinical settings, and in many other applications where precise and accurate transfer of small volumes of liquid is required. They are typically sold in bulk quantities and are disposable, which helps to prevent cross-contamination and ensures the accuracy and reproducibility of experimental results.

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Micropipette tips are essential tools in a laboratory setting, and are used in a wide range of applications. Some of the most common uses of micropipette tips in the laboratory include:
1. Measuring and transferring precise volumes of liquids: Micropipette tips allow for accurate and precise measurement and transfer of small volumes of liquids, which is important in a wide range of experiments, assays, and procedures.
2. Preparation of samples: Micropipette tips are often used to prepare samples for analysis, such as in DNA extraction, PCR, or ELISA assays. Precise and accurate measurement of liquid volumes is crucial in order to ensure that the results of these experiments are reproducible.
3. Cell culture: Micropipette tips are frequently used in cell culture, for tasks such as transferring cells, adding growth media or reagents, or performing wash steps. Accurate and precise liquid handling is important in maintaining healthy cell cultures and obtaining reliable experimental results.
4. Protein purification: Micropipette tips are also used in protein purification protocols, where small volumes of liquid containing proteins of interest need to be transferred and manipulated.
5. Quality control: In many laboratory settings, micropipette tips are used for quality control checks to ensure that the volumes being dispensed are accurate and precise, which is critical for obtaining reliable experimental results.
Overall, micropipette tips are essential tools in the laboratory for accurate and precise liquid handling in a wide range of applications.

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