IV set pack of 100pcs

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I V Set Vented


Long and short term medical or surgical infusion treatment with choice of vented or non-vented and with or without "Y" sharp connector sets or use with PVC, Glass or Semi rigid container.

• For infusion of intravenous fluids and medicines.
• Spike with in-built Air vent with 0.2 micron, Bacteria retentive Filter to prevent air contamination.
• ABS strong, sharp Spike for easy penetration into the bottle.
• Medical grade, soft, transparent & flexible PVC Drip chamber for easy monitoring of flow rate and easy priming.
• Unique micro air filter to minimize the contamination.
• Drop rate - 20 drops/ml.
• Soft, transparent, kink resistant, medical grade PVC tubing for smooth flow of fluid.
• Smooth, strong ABS roller- clamp for easy adjustment of flow rate.
• Self-sealing rubber Bulb.
• Smooth & sharp, stainless steel Needle.
• Gravity feed.
• Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide Gas & is confirmed by a series of tests. 

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