IV Cannula 18G 100's pack Romsons

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IV Cannula 18G  100's pack Romsons

High clarity transparent barrel molded by using premium quality medical grade polypropylene.
Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) is used to manufacture the Gasket for smooth movement of plunger.
Needles are manufactured by using imported Cannula having precise tip sharpness and good bonding strength with the hub.
Needles have ultra thin wall permitting rapid and efficient drug delivery.
Ethylene Oxide gas is used to sterilize the syringe.

We offer our range of IV cannula with injection valves and Intravenous Cannula. We provide international colour codes which facilitates the easy identification of size. The sets are manufactured from high-grade non-toxic material, making it safe for humans and the environment.

I V Cannula is a modern device to infuse the Dextrose & Blood in the vein of the patient. Before it Scalp Vein Sets were used. The s. s. cannula of Scalp Vein Set was metallic part & not friendly with body. It used to create irritation / inflammation/ re-punching of vein & spillage of the blood.

Now in I V Cannula ss cannula is used to only for vein prick and then it is discarded. PTFE tube which is friendly with the body can remain in the vein for about 72 hrs. It cannot re-puncture the vein and hence avoid the spillage of the blood.

Some of the other salient features are:
• S.S Cannula having double back cut ground stainless steel needle for smooth and painless vein puncture. We import it from Japan.
• Internationally accepted excellent quality PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene – PTFE Catheter) is completely imported. The tip of the catheter is tapered on automatic machine for easy insertion into the vain.
• Side injection valve for easy access of intermittent administration of fluid with NON-RETURN VALVE which prevents the back flow.
• A medical grade grid paper is used for blister packing which provides the effect of easy & smooth peeling.
• Sterile by EtO gas.
• Non toxic & Non pyrogenic.



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