HIV-Syphilis Combi Kit

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HIV-Syphilis Combi Kit

1 HIV-Syphilis Test Kit trial pack

Microsidd brings Best in class products with innovation, now do hiv and syphilis test at home with ease and detect Antibodies and antigens if present in sample, test anytime after 30 days till lifetime, results are 99.80% accurate if done as per instructions provided, just need two drops of sample on each cassette and two drops buffer provided. do not consider any band appears after 20 minutes usually happens due to overflow of the sample. only first reaction upto 15 minutes is considered as final result.
How to test hiv in hindi Watch video
How to test hiv in english Watch video
Each kit contains:
Individually sealed foil pouch containing:

One HIV-Syphilis cassette device

One desiccant
Specimen transfer device
Sample diluent( buffer )
One package insert (instruction for use)

Note: use proper gloves while testing others for self test no problem, touching any accessory dont harm, dispose the kit after use properly.

watch these videos and then test:

Following an exposure that leads to HIV-Syphilis infection, the amount of time during which no existing diagnostic test is capable of detecting HIV is called the eclipse period.2

The time between potential HIV exposure and an accurate test result is referred to as the window period. Improvements in testing technology continue to reduce the detection window period, and, therefore, the time to diagnosis and treatment of early HIV infection. As seen in the figure, each type of HIV test has its own testing window, with the NAT capable of detecting HIV the earliest, followed by the antigen/antibody combination test, and lastly, the antibody test.

HIV Program Evaluations :
Legal Disclaimer: this is an diagnostic product to be used in or by medical professional expert supervision only Review the procedure and repeat the test with a new test device. If the problem persists, discontinue using the test kit immediately and cross verify with ELISA / PCR Methods at your diagnostic centre or referral diagnostic laboratory
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Fast results

Awesome kit, gives you fast result. I hope the results will be accurate. Attaching the images of the results that I got. Thank-you Microsidd for this product!

rohit rankoshal


Easy to use but pls confirm results for both test

Pls let me know results of both test

Buffer is insufficient, blood is clot, looks negative in syphilis, you need to repeat HIV properly with 1 drop blood and 2 drops of buffer


Yes or no

Customer Name Hidden for Privacy

An excellent and useful kit which ensure privacy which otherwise might not have been possible. Easy to use, gives accurate results that too in 10 mins only. Thank you for such a useful product.


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