HbA1c Analyzer Hand Held

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HbA1c Analyzer

Handheld HbA1c Analyzer with Lab like accuracy

Easy to Handle, Easy to use, Just Like Glucometer
Principle – Boronate Affinity Chromatography principle
Time – Results are available in just 5 min
Measuring range – 4.0 %- 14.0 %
Our meter and strips is certified by – US FDA, NGSP and IFCC
We have a precision CV of <3%; especially for borderline cases
Memory – 1000 test results
Voice prompt and guides you at each and every step
Power – AAA battery x 4
Dimension – 61.6 mm X 122.9 mm X 24.5 mm
There are a few pocket-size HbA1c analyzers available on the market that can provide quick and easy measurements of HbA1c levels. These analyzers are designed for use by healthcare professionals and individuals with diabetes who need to monitor their HbA1c levels regularly.
This system uses a small blood sample taken from a fingerstick, and provides results in just 5 minutes which is a portable device that can provide HbA1c results in just 5 minutes using a small blood sample. This analyzer is designed for use in healthcare settings such as doctor's offices and clinics.
It's important to note that while these pocket-size analyzers can provide quick and convenient HbA1c measurements, they may not be as accurate as laboratory tests. It's always best to consult with a healthcare professional for interpretation of HbA1c results and to determine the most appropriate treatment plan for managing diabetes.
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