Gel SST Vacuum Collection Tube

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All Tubes are available in pack of 100 Pcs.
Further 12×100 Pcs is packed in high quality cartoon box

We have a CDSCO license for manufacturing of sterile products. We have an in house E.T.O. sterilizer for urine containers and GAMMA sterilisation for our blood collection tubes

Our entire facility is an ISO 7 clean room (Class10,000) which offers a controlled environment that shields lab disposable products from pollutants and contaminants like dust, airborne microbes, and
aerosol particles.

Gel SST Phlebotomy Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Nasmed Gel SST Advance tubes  8ml

Short Centrifuge time of 5 minutes at 3000g, better sample quality, stable barrier between serum and clotted sample, 

storage of 4-25 degree or a normal room temperature humidity less than 80%

Additive: Gel & Clot activator

Cap color: yellow

Tube Size: 13x150 mm 8ML

Pack size: 100 tubes in a thermocole tray

Carton size: 12 tray in one carton (at discounted price)

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