EDTA K3 Vacuum Tube 100

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EDTA Vacuum Tube 

The blood speciman collection of biochemistry, immunity, serum, various viruses and blood bank inspection in medical test

Packaging: 100 Vacuum tubes in a thermocole pack

Carton Size: 1200 Tubes

Different Sizes Available:

4 ml 5ml 8ml 10ml

The anticoagulation of whole blood is accomplished using EDTA salts (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid)

Material: – PET & PP

Type of Additive: – K3 EDTA

Size: – 13X75 mm, 

Capacity: – 1 mL, 2mL, 3mL, 4mL and 6mL

Available in: – Vacuum 

Colour Code: – Blue

Available Packaging: – Inner Packaging 100 piece, Outer Carton Packaging 1200 piece

Used for:- Complete Blood Count (CBC) and Full Blood Exam (FBE) & ESR, HPLC HbA1C PCR tests for diseases such as dengue and Chikungunya.

EDTA Plasma is also used in some biochemistry and immunological studies, including (Ammonia, BNP)

* After drawing blood in an EDTA tube, the erythrocyte, leucocyte, and thrombocyte processes should be accomplished in 24 hours.

*Immediately after drawing the blood, invert the tube 8-10 times.

Different Varieties Available:

Gel Clot Activator- yellow, Plain Tube RED, Clot Activator RED, EDTA- PURPLE

Citrate-Blue, Heparin-Green, Flouride-Grey 

Variants Available:

1) Vacuum

2) Non-Vacuum

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