Diamond Deluxe Mercurial Blood Pressure Apparatus

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Diamond Mercurial Bp Apparatus

Brand Diamond

Model Delux
Cuff Size

< 18 cm, 18-22 cm, 22-32 cm, 32-45 cm, >45 cm
Memory for 60/30 Readings, Hypertension Indicator
Upper Arm Use
Features :
Portable model made of aluminium pressure die cast body
Superior quality cuff with extra wide Velcro fastener
Scale of 0 – 300 mm HG with a reading accuracy of 1 mm HG

Product Description:
Diamond Mercurial Bp Apparatus (BP) apparatus, also known as a mercury sphygmomanometer, is a medical device used to measure a patient's blood pressure. It consists of several parts, including:
A cuff: The cuff is wrapped around the upper arm and inflated to temporarily cut off blood flow to the artery.
A mercury column: The mercury column is a long glass tube filled with mercury, which measures the pressure of the blood when the cuff is deflated.
A pump: The pump is used to inflate the cuff with air.
A release valve: The release valve is used to slowly release the air from the cuff, allowing the mercury column to fall and measure the blood pressure.
The mercury column is marked with numbers that correspond to the systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings. When the cuff is inflated and then slowly released, the healthcare professional listens for sounds of blood flow using a stethoscope. The point at which the sounds of blood flow begin and end correspond to the systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings, respectively.
While Diamond Mercurial Bp Apparatus are still considered the gold standard for measuring blood pressure, they are being phased out due to concerns about mercury exposure and environmental pollution. Digital BP monitors are becoming increasingly popular as a safer and more convenient alternative.

Diamond Mercurial Bp Apparatus

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Customer Reviews

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Dr. Ravi Ml
Best one since i graduated

its my first choice and many of others at clinic for accurate readings

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