ARTERY FORCEP CURVED 8" INCH Hemostats Forceps Imported

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Artery Forceps 8 inches

Artery Forceps that are used to grasp and manipulate tissues vary in their design dependent on the type of tissue they are intended for As with all instruments inappropraite use may lead to damage to tissues or to the instruments

Artery forceps are primarily use as haemostatic forceps to grasp vessels and allow ligation of those vessels.

Artery forceps vary in size for use on fine, delicate vessels to large vascular pedicles Artery forceps can also be used to grasp tissues, sutures and other prosthetic materials Care should be taken as they are crushing forspes that can damage delicate structures

100% stainless steel surgical instruments

High Quality, Genuine MICROSIDD Product

Rust Proof & Peel Proof

ISO & CE certified Product

1 Year Replacement warranty - No question asked for replacement, just courier to seller with your clear address, within 24-48 hours your replacement will be sent by Microsidd India Bangalore

Artery forceps Available Varients

6" straight ,  6" curved

8" straight,   8" curved

10" straight, 10" curved

12" straight, 12" curved

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