Alere G1 100 Glucometer Strips with lancets

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Alere G1 100 Glucometer Strips

100 Glucometer test strips for Alere G1 Monitor

100 Glucometer lancets
Model Number
AGM-4000 (Pack of 100)
Number of Strips 100 Strips
Measuring Range 10 mg/dl - 900 mg/dl
Sales Package 2 Vial of 50 Test Strips Each in One Pack and 100 Lancets
Other Features
Advanced Blood Glucose Monitor with Superior Gold Biosensor Technology, Superior Benefits of Alere G1 Include (Lab like Accuracy: Gold is the Best Conductor of Electricity, Alere G1 Test Strips Employ 99.9% Pure Gold Electrodes, Ensuring the Most Accurate Results at the Convenience of Home, Hygienic: Special Eject Button to Maintain Hygiene and Prevent Infections, Ease of Usage: Auto-coded, Simple 2-step Process, Minimal Error Rate: Alere G1 Uses Glucose Dehydrogenase (FAD) Enzyme as a Catalyst in Strips to Prevent Any Effects of Oxygen, Maltose and Galactose which are Commonly Found in Blood

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