Accu-Fine Pen Needle (32 G x 4 mm) 100's

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Accu-fine Pen Needles 32G

The Accu-fine pen needles from the Accu-Chek product range allow for a gentle as well as particularly safe & practical handling. Accu-Fine needles can be used with all common pens. The needles are available in lengths of 4, 5, 6, 8, and 12.7 mm, suitable for all

Benefits and Features
Gentle injection: special cut for gentle insertion under the skin, special coating for gliding into the skin and thinwall for more rapid flow
Dual protection: with two protective covers
Practically for everyone: regardless of gender, age or BMI
Compatible: with all common pens
Minimizes the risk of painful intramuscular injections: with smaller needle lengths
Compatible with NovoPen 4, NovoPen 5, NovoPen Echo, NovoPen 3, NovoPen Junior, FlexPen, InnoLet, Victoza Pen, Toujeo SoloStar, TactiPen, ClikSTAR, JuniorStar, SoloStar, KwikPen, HumaPen Savvio, HumaPen Luxura / Luxura HD
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