25-Hydroxy Vitamin D EIA

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25-Hydroxy Vitamin D KIT

The IDS 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D kit is an enzyme immunoassay intended for the quantitative determination of 25-hydroxy vitamin D (25-OH D) and other hydroxylated metabolites in human serum or plasma.

Our DIRECT assay technology eliminates the inconvenience of solvent precipitation and centrifugation and therefore facilitates automation on many ELISA processors.
The kit enables the smaller laboratory to process samples manually rather than “sending out” to larger labs, with the associated indeterminate “turnaround time”. It also permits the larger laboratory to automate 25-OH D on an open system.
Features :
Excellent Assay Precision - intra-assay <8%, inter-assay <10%.
Excellent Sensitivity - 5 nmol/L (2 ng/mL) from a small (25µL) sample size.
Working Range - 6-360 nmol/L (2.4-144 ng/mL).
Fast Turnaround - results in 4 hours, minimal hands-on.
Convenient - fast, easy, simple.
Direct Assay Technology - Simple manual EIA format and also facilitates automation of your 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D workload.
Good Correlation with established methods: DIRECT EIA = 1.01 IDS RIA + 0.74 nmol/L (r2=0.82, n=180). IDS OCTEIA =0.97 DiaSorin RIA + 15.19 (r2=0.89, n=55)
STORAGE CONDITION  stable for 6 months when stored in a constant temperature at -20°C.

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