Bougie Flexible tracheal tube introducer

Size: 400mm
Sale priceRs. 999.00


Bougie Flexible tracheal tube introducer

ETO Sterile
Colour: White / Blue
The Introducer / Bougies used to facilitate endotracheal intubation
Curved tip can be passed blindly into the trachea when visualization of the glottises inadequate to guide placement of endotracheal tube 
Distal rounded smooth tip allows the bougies to be inserted without damaging the soft tissue
Clearly graduated marking provides depth indication to ensure correct placement
Made of Medical grade PE, LATEX Free, Flexible Material
Usage Instructions:
1. Select the right size ET tube you plan to intubate. sizes available 400,500,600,650,700mm in length
2. Lubricate introducer with KY jelly.
3. If cords not visible, identify landmarks to aid intubation.
4. Place introducer into the pharynx and direct into larynx. If necessary, bend the introducer to negotiate the corner. Correct placement may be confirmed by detection of trachea and hold up of the bougie - no hold up indicates oesophageal placement.
5. Leave laryngoscope in place while assistant threads ET tube over introducer into trachea. If tube sticks at the laryngeal inlet, a 90 degree counter clockwise rotation may help.
6. Hold the tube firmly in place and gently withdraw the introducer
Price is for each tube, colou of tube change due to batches and images shown is for illustration purpose only

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