BD EDTA Tube Vaccutainer 3 ml 500 tubes

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BD EDTA Tube Vaccutainer 3 ml

Pack of 500 BD Edta Vaccutainer tubes

The BD Vaccutainer is a closed evacuated system and prevents exposure by letting blood flow directly from the patient vein in to the tube, blood collection tubes are mage from clear latex free polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This material is shatter resistant and offers a safer alternative to glass.

BD Vaccutainers find applications in a variety of laboratory disciplines such as haematology, clinical chemistry, immunology, coagulation and blood banking amongst others 

These blood collection tubes are equipped with a latex free BD Hemogard safety closure which is easier to remove than conventional stoppers and protects the user from coming in to contact with the patient's blood

The BD Vaccutainer EDTA Tubes are use to obtain and separate a serum sample. They contain spray coated silica to aid in clotting and a polymer gel for serum separation. It finds application in blood donor screening and infectious disease testing. The gel is acrylic based

The colour of the tube cap is Lavender

Packsize 500 tubes


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