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Tynor Walker Invalid Reciprocating

Tynor Walker Invalid’s is a convenient device to allow the patient to be mobile even with the high degrees of disability, because of old age, nervous disorder, fracture, disease, injury etc.

Light weight

Easy Folding

Durable – Riveted Construction

Adjustable Height

Dual Function- Both Reciprocating action & Conventional Action. Lock pins are easy to shift from reciprocating walker to Conventional walker

Reciprocating action eliminates need to lift the walker during walking, perhaps very important for very weak or old patients. Natural walking action & gait can be maintained by reciprocating action. Two out of four legs always remain on ground, thus more stability and confidence

It is constructed from high strength aluminum alloy frame, which is strong, durable and have good weight bearing capacity. Strong riveted joints, strengthen the walker. Anodized for long lasting, superior finish and perfect aesthetics

High performance TPE Pods provides excellent traction, high wear resistance and high resilience

Foldable with net height of 10 cm makes it easy to carry, easy to fold. It can be transported in a car boot or stored under a bed

Foam Hand grips are extra soft & comfortable, they ensure less fatigue. Accurate ht. adjustment with 1” increments for customized height of the walker

High quality workmanship ensures smooth adjustments and improved Aesthetics


Width/ Folded depth : 56.5 cm / 10.0 cm
Height : From 75.8 – to 93.5 cm
Weight/ Weight bearing capacity : 2.6 Kg / 110 Kg



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