Cytokine ELISA


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Cytokine ELISA

Reliable ELISA ready-to-use from an Indian manufacturer. Fast deliveries, assured quality and competitive prices. Our ELISAs are validated and manufactured at our labs under strict quality control. When you buy a KRISHGEN ELISA you are assured of quality and support from a seven year old organization in the field of life sciences and a market leader in its areas. Each kit is QC tested and validated as per the validation data indicated in the kit inserts.

Our Human IFN gamma is an indirect double antibody sandwich ELISA to give higher sensitivity and specificity. Higher sensitivity is achieved by our higher titer concentration and biotinylation of detection antibody used. Specificity is achieved by usage of monoclonal antibody. KRISHGEN Human IFN gamma ELISA kit maybe used for accurate and precise measurement of human IFN gamma protein levels from samples including serum, plasma, and supernatants from cell cultures. Sensitivity: 4 pg/ml Standard Curve Range: 4 – 500 pg/ml Time Requirements: 3hours 45mins Incubation Time 15mins Washing/Aspiration Cycle Time

 KRISHGEN CYTOKINE ELISA are today exported to over 15 countries worldwide including Europe and USA.

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