Accu-chek Performa Strips Nano Glucometer Strips 50’s

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Accu-chek Performa Strips 50’s vial
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Accu-Chek Glucometer and Accu-Chek Glucometer Strips available on


AccuChek Performa Nano Test Strips

Accu-chek Performa Strips 50’s Vial Pack 

Compatible with Accuchek Nano and Performa Glucometer

Expiry date: 28-02-2024

Brand New and Sealed. Latest Batch. The Listing is Revised every month to replenish the new price and batch. Hence, the price may fluctuate. This item does not come with chip code. The previous code chip you have that is black chip code 222 (no chip will be supplied with this pack) , it works everytime and their is no need to change the chip.

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To Be Used Only In: AccuChek Performa AccuChek Performa Nano Accu-Chek Performa combo Accu-chek Performa Strips The only strip designed to reduce waste. 97% of tests will fill correctly on the very first try. Easier blood application Accu-Chek Performa test strips quickly attract and absorb a tiny drop of blood. The wide-mouth dosing area is designed so you can fill the strip on the very first try.Small blood sample You need just 0.6 microlitre of blood.

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Easy strip handling A larger wider strip is easy to use for people of all ages Confident testing. The six gold electrodes at the top of each strip work with the meter technology to help the system detect and prevent unreliable results. FEATURES :- 6 gold electrodes.The test strip electrodes work with the system technology and code key to perform extensive quality checks such as strip integrity checks prior to each test – so fast you do not even realize it. Temperature and humidity compensation.

The Accu-chek Performa Strips adjusts to heat, cold and humidity to ensure accurate measuring. Tiny blood sample. Accu-Chek Performa strips only require a tiny 0.6 micro litre sample for a blood glucose measurement. This makes lancing less painful as you can use a lower penetration depth. Furthermore, a smaller blood sample reduces the likelihood of under-dosing. Re-dosing capability.

The system indicates if more blood is needed and permits re-dosing within 5 seconds. Fast capillary fill. The strip uses a super-fast-fill capillary window which acts like a funnel to help draw blood into the strip quickly, making dosing more convenient for the user. Y-capillary.The strips wide Y-capillary allows easier targeting of the sample, which is particularly important for patients with dexterity problems. Advice: When you take a test strip from the vial make sure you close it immediately afterwards to preserve strip quality.



Accu-Chek Glucometer Accu-Chek Glucometer Strips Accu-Chek Softclix Accu-Fine Needles
Accu-Chek Glucometer and Accu-Chek Glucometer Strips available on


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