Microsidd range of test kits and products
Microsidd India is a company that offers a wide range of medical and surgical products for various purposes. Some of the products that they sell on their website [microsidd.com](^1^) are:
- **Diagnostic Products**: such as hiv test kits, hiv test cards, rapid cards, ovulation kit urine reagent strips, glucose reagent kits, troponin I kit, dengue kit, typhoid kit, malaria kit, pregnancy test kits, fsh test kit, menopause test kit, HEPALISA kits, urine analysis reagent strips, and mission urine strips².
RBC pipette WBC pipette test tubes.
- **Surgical Products**: such as surgical gloves, surgical blades, surgical sutures, surgical gowns, surgical masks, surgical caps, and surgical drapes².
- **Medical Equipments**: such as blood pressure monitors, glucometers, glucometer strip, cholesterol monitor, hb monitor, nebulizers, thermometers, pulse oximeters, stethoscopes, and ECG machines².
- **Orthopedic Products**: such as knee braces, ankle braces, elbow braces, wrist braces, cervical collars, lumbar belts, and abdominal belts².
Laboratory reagents and chemicals** such as anti abd kit , blood grouping kit, creatinine reagent cholesterol kit hemoglobin kit 
You can browse through their product categories and find the product that suits your needs. You can also check the product details, specifications, prices, and reviews on their website. 😊
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According to some online sources, Microsidd is a company that is **renowned for the quality of its products** that deliver accurate diagnostic results for the end-users¹³. Microsidd products are **highly rated** by both Indian and international rating institutions and customers²³. Microsidd products go through **intense QC**, which reputed labs do, and are used on trial by authentic clients for review before they are sold¹.
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