Sodium Citrate Vacuum Tube 2ml

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Sodium Citrate Vacuum Tube 2ml – Blue Cap 

For the experiment (PT, APTT) of clotting mechanism and the test of blood coagulation factor. The blood speciman collection of biochemistry, immunity, serum, various viruses and blood bank inspection in medical test It can be used for serum, biochemistry, immunity and drug testing

Packaging: 100 Vacuum tubes in a thermocole pack

Different Varieties Available:

Gel Clot Activator- yellow, Plain Tube RED, Clot Activator RED, EDTA- PURPLE

Citrate-Blue, Heparin-Green, Fluoride-Grey

Variants Available:

1) Vacuum

2) Non Vacuum


Additional information

Weight 5400.0 g



Microsidd 100% indian origin brand comprising best product range of Glucometers Strips Bp Monitors Thermometer Nebulizer Ovulation Kit Hiv Test Kit FSH Kit Pregnancy Kit Orthopedic Supports and adding on


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