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Origin DeHumidifier O12
O12 Dehumidifier with extraction capacity of 12 l/day with tank capacity of 2.5l. Portable, handy and most suitable for Domestic and small scale commercials.
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Origin O3 Humidifier
Origin O3 Humidifier has humidifying capacity of 3L/hr with area coverage uppto 5000 cu.ft. Best humidifier in country.
₹65,000.00 ₹71,850.00
Origin O60 DeHumidifier
Origin O60 DeHumidifier has extraction capacity of 60l/day with tank capacity of 8 l. Efficient for commercial use and with large area coverage
₹68,500.00 ₹75,800.00
Rod Dehumidifier12-18
Rod Dehumidifiers especially for wardrobes. Available in 12", 18" and 24"
₹12,500.00 ₹16,800.00