Multi Paramonitor 8400

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MP 8400 | Multi Parameter Monitor

Screen Size 8.4" 3 parameter / optional 5 parameter

short description:
Functioning of the heart (ECG/heart rate).
Pulse oximetry: Peripheral circulation and arterial blood oxygenation (SPO2).
Non-invasive arterial blood pressure.
Skin and cavity temperature.
Breathing by impedance (breathing rate/ respirogramm).
Strength of myocardial hypoxia (ischemia), (st-segment analysis).
Capnography/breathing (breathing rate, capnogramm, CO2, FiCO2).


  • Method Oscillometry
  • Modes Manual / Auto / Continuous
  • Auto Measure time Adjustable
  • Measurement range 10-270mmHg


  • Lead Mode 3-Iead Or 5-lead
  • Lead Selection I, II, III, avR, avL, avF, v
  • Heart rate range Adult: 15-300bpm, pediatric /
    Neonatal 15-300bpm
  • ECG waveform 2 channals
  • Accuracy ±1 bpm or±1 %, Whichever is greater
  • S-T segment detection: Measurement range 0.2mv~2.0mv

+ Alarm Yes, audible and visual alarm, alarm events review
+ High resolution 12.1" or 8.4" color TFT display
+ Lightweight, compact and portable
+ Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
+ ECG waveforms of 7-leads display on the same screen
+ 72-hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters
+ 72 alarm events of all parameters recall
+ 32 seconds full-disclosure waveform review
+ 500 NIBP measurement data can be stored and recall
+ Data and waveforms color can be adjustable
+ Arithmetic analysis and S-T segment analysis
+ Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient

Measurement range 0-100%
Accuracy 70-100%, ±2% 0-69%, unspecified

Pulse Rate
Range 20-254pm
Accuracy ±3bpm

Method RA-LL impedance
Range Adult: 0-120rpm;pediatric/neonatal: 0-15rpm
Apnea alarm yes

Range 0-50 °C
Accuracy ±0.1 °C
Channel Dual - channel

Nellcore SPO2, ETCO2, IBP, Printer & Networking