Microsidd Urine Strips glucose protien 100 strip pack

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Manufacturer: MicroSidd
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Urine Strips 2parameter Glucose and Protiens test in urine    

Urinalysis Reagent Strips 

A rapid screening tool for the detection of up to 2 analytes on one strip.
1) Easy to Use
Just dip and read - no instrument needed!
2) Rapid Results
30 seconds to 2 minutes
3) High Quality Color Chart
Superior European-produced color charts provide consistent, dependable readings
4) Flexible
Available from 1 to 11 parameters
5) Cost Effective
100,  per canister, with performance better than or equal to the current market leader at a much lower price
6) Consistent Quality with 2 Year Shelf Life

Fresh Batch with expiry date : 31/01/2020

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