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Microlance glucometer Lancets

Microsidd Glucometer lancets are compatible with almost all glucometers in the world, white flat glucometer lancets are compatible with Accucheck active accuchek aviva and accuchek performa glucometer, round blue lancets are compatible with oncall plus glucometer dr morepen accusure qaaf and all generic type glucometers in india

Glucometer Lancets

Accucheck Active Glucometer Lancets 

Round Blue Glucometer Lancets

White flat glucometer lancets

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Round blue glucometer lancets compatible with Dr. Morepen Accusure, Omron, oncall plus glucometer 100 Round Lancet
From ₹81.00
50 Sterile white Flat glucometer Lancets Compatible With AccuCheck Active, accuchek Go, Performa, Advantage Sensor, Aviva Meter Like Softclix.
From ₹60.00
200 Sterile Flat Lancets Compatible With Accu Check Active, Go, Performa, Advantage Sensor, Aviva Meter Like Softclix
From ₹125.00
200 Round Blue Lancet compatible with Oncall Plus Dr. Morepen Accusure, Omron,
From ₹125.00