Microlance 100R Round blue glucometer lancets

99.00 Including GST

Round blue glucometer lancets compatible with Dr. Morepen Accusure, Omron, oncall plus glucometer 100 Round Lancet

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MICROLANCE 100R Round blue glucometer lancets

compatible with Dr. Morepen Accusure Omron oncall plus Control D Qaaf Romson and other glucometer which uses blue needles

made from authentic medical grade plastic material at ISO 13485 certified plant.



Microsidd 100% indian origin brand comprising best product range of Glucometers Strips Bp Monitors Thermometer Nebulizer Ovulation Kit Hiv Test Kit FSH Kit Pregnancy Kit Orthopedic Supports and adding on


  1. Sunita (verified owner)

    Pros: Not so expensive Easy and fast result, pin to take out blood

  2. Muzammil Ahmed (verified owner)

    sugar testing

  3. JAGAT (verified owner)

    Perfect product!

  4. Prudvi (verified owner)

    Best product.Value for money

  5. Sudha (verified owner)

    Very Reliable

  6. Anil (verified owner)

    with Morepen is always best

  7. Vijay Prakash (verified owner)

    Can be used in clinic or good for home use as well very fast

  8. Ashok (verified owner)

    Tension free

  9. VIPAN (verified owner)

    Simply awesome

  10. Shanthamma

    Good product I will test

  11. Ashish (verified owner)

    One of the best lancets

  12. Subbu

    ek matru website best bhaav

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