MICRO PIPETTE TIPS- white 2-200ul, pack of 1000 tips

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Laboratory Clear white Plastic Fine Tip Pipette Tips 2ul to 200ul 1000 Pcs pack
Manufacturer: MicroSidd
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Laboratory Clear white Plastic Fine Tip Pipette Tips 2ul-200ul  100 Pcs pouch pack

These 200 ul pipette tips can be used with a variety of fixed or variable volume micropipettes ranging from 2 ul to 200 ul in volume. These Gilson-style pipette tips have a smooth gradual taper for even liquid dispensing and a good fit on the micropipette. They are white color-coded for easy identification. You get 1000 non-sterile pipette tips packed in a plastic box with clear cover for easy access. The box can be refilled and reused. The box and pipette tips can be autoclaved.

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