KITKATH I.V. Cannula with Tomorrow’s Technology at half of today’s price*

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KITKATH I.V. Cannula with Tomorrow’s Technology at half of today’s price*  pack of BLUE 500 iv cannula 

It is provided with special low pressure injection valve.

Has one way retreating value to facilitate extra medication and to prevent its back flow.
Medicine can be injected by a syringe without needle thereby reducing chances of infection and preventing needle stick injuries. Cost of needle is also saved.
The valve is provided with specially designed easy to open Injection port cap.
It offers safe and convenient method of atraumatic administration of medicines

Angled & grooved wings offer easy fixation and prevent shifting & rolling of cannula in the patient’s body.

Single use, sterile, non-pyrogenic and nontoxic.

NEEDLE: Siliconised, bevelled, back cut ground stainless steel needle for smooth and painless venepuncture .
I.V.Cannula has full collar needle hub to prevent any destabilisation and bending of the needle during insertion.
Thumb rest for proper grip during insertion.
Protects the needle & catheter from contamination.
Prevents accidental damage to the catheter and needle.
CATHETER: Cannula is made of virgin PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluro Ethylene) double tapered bevelled tip, siliconised catheter with radiopaque strips.

The double-tapered formation of catheter and bevelled tip of Cannula is designed to reduce trauma and peel-back.
High resistance to kinking without compromising biocompatibility.
Minimum resistance during insertion due to low coefficient of friction.
High chemical resistance reduces the chances of thrombogenecity.
Thin wall of the catheter allows maximum flow rate for a specific gauge of cannula.
Optimum trim distance to minimise the problem of ‘peel back’ during insertion.
Flash back Chamber allows monitoring of instantaneous flash of blood after venepuncture and indentification of correct catheter placement
Specially designed to prevent any spillage of blood

BLISTER PACKAGE: Cannula is packed in rigid blister and sealed in peel open type medical grade paper .



HMD was founded in 1957 and is a closely held family Corp. Its Primary markets are India, USA, Europe, Middle East and secondary markets - Africa and S.E.Asia. 

HMD has seven plants in different locations in S.Asia and has more than 3500 employees. Its Major products are Single use Syringes, Single use Needles, I.V.Cannulas, Safety I.V.Cannulas, Surgical Blades, Scalpels, Scalpvein Sets, Glass Syringes, Nonreusable(AD)Syringes, Blood collection tubes, Blood collection needle and Blood Collection Set.

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HMD manufacturing philosophy is to achieve uniform quality with the help of the most economical mass-production technology, harnessed through a dedicated production team, in a harmonious industrial atmosphere as per requirement of ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and the European M.D.D. Products carry CE Mark. The corporate philosophy of preventive maintenance of human relations ensures that there is no need for any labour union to exist. 


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