Infusion pump

+ bubble detector and pressure sensor can precisely detect tube air bubbles + unique voice alarm system and accurate injection rate make the injection process safer and more reliable
Manufacturer: SCURE™
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IP 201 | Infusion Pump

Function & Features
Unique door - free structure and big LCD screen, making it easier and more convenient to operate and in the meanwhile avoiding problems of pump stuck and fluid leakage.

Unique function to bedside infusion supervision, making patients and their relatives more assured while also reducing nurses' workload if used with 200011 and a data collector Terminal, A bed no. can be set in the machine and then its infusion progress and alarm information can be displayed on the 200011 located at the Nurses' Station and data collector Terminal. The nurse, upon seeing and hearing the signal can go and handle the unit accordingly.

All brand of standard IV sets are compatible. with only a simple calibration, it can guarantee an accurate, smooth and safe infusion.