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Frequently Asked Question for Ovulation Test Kit

29 October

how to use ovulation test kit

What is the use of ovulation test kit ?

Ovulation Test Kit is used to determine the chances of getting conceived on the day

how i can use ovulation test kit at home ?

Ovulation test kit is very very easy to use at home, this test very similar to pregnancy test, just use your first urine sample for test,

ovulation test procedure

How many Ovulation test to be done ?

repeat test test everyday from 10th day of menstrual cycle to 15th day of menstrual cycle to know which day is best to concieve pregancy

How i will get to know which date is best to concieve ?

when the ovulation test kit shows best pink band your chances of getting pregnant are high

Normally how many ovulation test kits should i buy for best results ?

usually 5-10 ovulation kits and 2 pregancy kits are best way to get best results, since 1 test or two may not be considered and not recommended by doctors

where i can buy best ovulation test kit ?

you can buy ovulation test kits from pharmacies and nowadays widely available on online stores like

what would be the best price for ovulation test kit online ?

price for ovulation test kit is between 75-100 per test

which company is better for ovulation test kit ?

there are few companies who manufacture ovulation test kit which are good, instead of buying from consumer online stores like amazon better buy from medical supply store like  since its a dedicated medical supply brand store

microsidd quality certifications

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