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Microsidd Franchisee opportunity

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startup as an entreprenuer with medical supply business, the most promising industry with actual growth rate of 45 percent every year with an potential of 84 billion dollar revenue per year which is estimated over 3 times in next 3-5years.

Microsidd is looking for partnering with investors on franchise module area to area with the basket of more than 2000 products and 100+ brands, the customer and client base includes hospitals clinics pharmacy store healthcare setup and humanity of 125 crore population in the country

Investment will be depending upon area to area and business will be shared with the franchisee based on their investment capability, 

The Investment modules are on both investors choice to startwith, choose from " Franchisee Owned Franchisee Operated (FOFO)" and "Franchisee Owned Company Operated (FOCO)"

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