Foot Drop Splint Left


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Foot Drop Splint Left

Tynor Foot Drop Splint is designed with a dorsal shell made of polypropylene with a leaf spring action to arrest the plantar flexion movement and lift the foot. It supports and stabilizes the ankle and foot in all foot drop conditions. Designed to aid in swing phase toe clearance and to reduce plantar flexion impact in the early stance.

Model D17

Size Child Small Medium Large 

Sales package 1 Nos

Closed heel

Anatomic shape


Anatomical design & rigid construction provides support, good weight distribution and maintains foot in functional position.

Inbuilt hook closure & padding ensure better fitting & comfort to user.

It can be used with/without shoe.

Easy to use, hypoallergenic, odorless, long functional life and durable.

For correct size please measure circumference approx 2 inches above the inner ankle joint and refer corresponding size in size chart.

Please Choose Proper Size while Buying – Refer the Picture


Measure your shoe size to get perfect size.

Additional information


Large 7.50 to 9.00, Medium 5.25 to6.75, Small 2.75 to 4.35



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