fluoride Phlebotomy Vacuum Blood Collection Tube


fluoride Phlebotomy Vacuum Blood Collection Tube fluoride vacutainer

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fluoride Phlebotomy Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Designed in Switzerland

fluoride vacutainer

Tubesons fluoride Advance transperent tubes 

Short Centrifuge time of 10 minutes at 1300g, better sample quality, 

storage of 4-25 degree or a normal room temperature humidity less than 80%

Additive: Sodium fluoride and EDTA

Cap color: Grey

Tube Size: 13×75 mm

Pack size: 100 tubes in a thermocole tray

Carton size: 12 tray in one carton (at discounted price)

Price is Inclusive of Tax

Additional information

Weight 700.0 g
Dimensions 20.0 × 20.0 × 10.0 cm



Tubesons Kima Srl switzerland

Phlebotomy made simpler


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