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Diabetes Care

Diabetes needs to be taken cared every minute every day now we made it easy for you have a look on our product range and be free

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₹250.00 ₹657.00
Accuchek Active is a most trusted glucometer around the world with the legacy of 25 years, this the best diabetes monitoring system and number 1 selling glucometer online
₹799.00 ₹2,680.00
accuchek instant Blood glucometer Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use
accuchek Performa Nano glucometer is number 1 selling and trusted glucometer best diabetes monitoring system best deal will be only at microsidd Note: No Cash On Delivery for this product
Accuchek Softclix Lancing device Compatible With Accu Check Active Go Performa Advantage Sensor Aviva glucometer
₹349.00 ₹650.00
₹399.00 ₹1,295.00
₹799.00 ₹1,495.00
Arkray Glucocard Max Mini glucometer
No Returns, No Cancellations allowed
BD Nano Ultra Fine Needles
Cardiac Analyzer ACCUDX CQ ANALYZER Quantitative Analyzer for Cardiac Bio-marker & Sepsis
Control D Comfort Lancing Device Compatible With 100% compatible lancet device with Control d Oncall plus and Dr. Morepen Glucometers
₹99.00 ₹350.00
Glucochek glucometer
Glucochek glucometer Strips 50's pack gluco chek blood glucose test strips
HbA1c Analyzer Test Strips Xpress Strips
50 Sterile white Flat glucometer Lancets Compatible With AccuCheck Active, accuchek Go, Performa, Advantage Sensor, Aviva Meter Like Softclix.
From ₹60.00
100 Sterile white Flat Lancets Compatible With Accu Check Active, Go, Performa, Advantage Sensor, Aviva Meter Like Softclix
From ₹81.00
Mission Urine Strips 10 parameter for urine analysis and urinary tract infection test