Coagulation analyzer Delta




Coagulation analyzer 

Delta EC1


Gold standard micro volume chronometric detection.

Pipette auto start testing.

LCD display and optional printing of results.

Sample and reagent incubation area.

Programmable test modes.

Measuring Features

Pre packed single macro cuvettes with ball bearing for easy loading.

Test menu for PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen.

Store reagent ISI values for automatic INR calculation.

Single test position to perform all clotting assays.

Suitable for STAT and routine testing.

Maintenance free operation.



Since its establishment in the year of 1995, Rapid Diagnostics Group of companies has continued to be the leading group in diagnostic and health care products in India. Under the leadership of Dr. Jindal, founder of Rapid Diagnostics Group and a Medical Doctor by profession, we have now 30 branch offices and 400 employees serving all over the country.

We started as the Executive Distributer of Sigma Diagnostics, USA (now Trinity Biotech) in India and now we sell around 500 products in the industry. Our goal oriented efforts and services helped us to achieve reputation and customer satisfaction all over the years. Our proven track record shows the heights of loyalty and quality in sales and services we have been providing so far.

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