Clot Activator tubes Themocole pack 100’s

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Clot Activator tubes – Thermocole pack 100’s 

clots the sample in 5-6 minutes,

double safety cap,

Shipping Size: 1 pack, 30 pack

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Clot Activator tubes, also known as Serum Separator Tubes (SST), are a type of blood collection tube used in medical laboratories to collect and process blood samples for diagnostic testing. These tubes contain a special gel at the bottom of the tube that activates the clotting process of blood, separating the serum from the blood cells.

The tube is made of a plastic or glass material and is color-coded with a gold or red stopper to indicate the presence of clot activator. The clot activator stimulates the production of thrombin in the blood, which in turn triggers the coagulation cascade leading to the formation of a clot.

Once the blood has been collected into the tube, it should be allowed to clot for 30 minutes to an hour, after which it is centrifuged to separate the serum from the blood cells. The resulting serum can be used for a variety of diagnostic tests, including liver function tests, cholesterol tests, and hormonal assays.

It is important to note that the use of clot activator tubes should be avoided in some situations, such as for coagulation testing or for certain types of biochemical assays. In these cases, alternative types of blood collection tubes may be used to ensure accurate and reliable test results.

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