Widal test Kit 4x5ml Slide test Microsidd

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Widal test Kit

4x5ml Widal Slide test kit from Microsidd

Salient Features :

  1. Separate colour coded Antigens ensure differential diagnosis of both Salmonella typhi  and Salmonella paratyphi.
  2. Uniform, Homogenous and Stabilized Bacterial Antigens ensure clear Agglutination and easy interpretation between Positive and Negative results.
  3. Qualitative and Semi Quantitative Slide Test and Tube Test procedures   incorporated in the same kit.
  4. Positive Control is provided for the proper validation of the kit.
  5. Positive Control provided in the kit is free from HIV & HbsAg and is safe to use.
  6. Sample dilution is not required unlike conventional procedures.
  7. Avid Agglutination ensures proper discrimination between positive and negative results.
  8. Optimum Bacterial Antigen concentration overcomes Immunological interferences like Prozone Effect and Hook Effect and hence accurate results.

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