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Babinski Reflex Hammer

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Surgifact Babinski Reflex Hammer

The Babinski reflex hammer is similar to the Queen Square hammer, except that it has a metallic handle that is often detachable.

Surgifact Berliner Hammer

Surgifact Berliner Hammer Berliner neurological reflex hammer is easily recognized by it's unique throwing axe shape.

Surgifact Buck Hammer

Surgifact Buck Hammer Buck Hammer is also known as T-Shaped Hammer. Neurological Buck Hammer is used to test reflexes and measure nerve sensitivity.

Surgifact Dejerine Hammer

Surgifact Dejerine Hammer Surgifact Dejerine Percussion Hammer is a diagnostic instrument used to test reflexes. The head of the instrument features equal size, dual bumpers. It is cylindrical, non-latex material encircled by metal in the middle which ultimately forms the neck of the instrument. The neck becomes wider and forms the handle. The handle is commonly hollow and grooved for a better grip. The overall length is 8 inches.

Surgifact National Hospital Reflex Hammer

Surgifact National Hospital Reflex Hammer The National Hospital Reflex Hammer head is surmounted with a chrome-plated brass disc grooved to house the rubber collar.

Surgifact Neuroligical Hammer Set

Surgifact Neuroligical Hammer Set A Set of 5 Pcs of Neurlogical Hammers Taylor Hammer Babinski Hammer National Hospital Hammer Buck Hammer Pin Wheel Hammer

Surgifact Taylor Hammer

Surgifact Taylor Hammer The Taylor reflex hammer consists of a triangular rubber component which is attached to a flat metallic handle. The traditional Taylor reflex hammer is significantly lighter in weight when compared to the heavier European hammers.

Surgifact Tromner Reflex Hammer

Surgifact Tromner Reflex Hammer The Tromner reflex hammer is shaped like a two-headed mallet. The larger mallet is used to elicit tendon stretch reflexes, and the smaller mallet is used to elicit percussion myotonia.

Surgifact Wartenberg Pin Wheel Reflex Hammer

Surgifact Wartenberg Pin Wheel Reflex Hammer It is used for test nerve reactions.