Nyco Card Reader HbA1c kit

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Nyco Card Reader HbA1c analyzer Kit

Pack Size 24T HbA1c

For NycoCard READER II

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The NycoCard HbA1c test is a 3 minute Point of Care test for the measurement of glycated hemoglobin NycoCard HbA1c provides an accurate and reliable method to monitor metabolic control in people with diabetes

Sample volume: 5 µL

Assay time: 3 minutes

Sample material: Capillary blood or anticoagulated venous blood (EDTA, citrate or heparin)

Measuring range: 4 - 15% HbA1c

No interference from Hb variants like HbC, HbE, HbF, HbJ and HbS

No interference from carbamylated Hb

NGSP-certified method