Alere G1 Glucometer

Manufacturer: ALERE
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Alere G1 Glucometer Strips

Glucometer Alere G1 Monitor

Model Number


Number of Strips 00 Strips

Measuring Range

10 mg/dl - 900 mg/dl

Glucometer Sales Package

1 Glucometer, ancing device, 10 lancets and user manual 

glucometer best Features

Advanced Blood Glucose Monitor with Superior Gold Biosensor Technology, Superior Benefits of Alere G1 Include (Lab like Accuracy: Gold is the Best Conductor of Electricity, Alere G1 Test Strips Employ 99.9% Pure Gold Electrodes, Ensuring the Most Accurate Results at the Convenience of Home, Hygienic: Special Eject Button to Maintain Hygiene and Prevent Infections, Ease of Usage: Auto-coded, Simple 2-step Process, Minimal Error Rate: Alere G1 Uses Glucose Dehydrogenase (FAD) Enzyme as a Catalyst in Strips to Prevent Any Effects of Oxygen, Maltose and Galactose which are Commonly Found in Blood

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