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Assays Preclinical & Clinical

Are based on monoclonal antibodies for high lot-to-lot consistency.

• The assays are very robust, carefully optimized for low coefficient of variation (%CV), high repeatability between runs and high reproducibility between labs.

• The detection antibody is directly conjugated to HRP, to minimize background

• The calibrators are in a ready-to-use format to minimize the incorporation of measurement errors that may come with making dilution series.

• Broad range of assays – cover insulin levels from 0.15 mU/l (Ultrasensitive Insulin ELISA) to 200 mU/l (Insulin ELISA).

• Highly specific assays with no or insignificant cross reactivity to human proinsulin or C-peptide or to insulin analogs like lispro and aspart.

• No cross reactivity to rat or mouse insulin allows studies of human insulin in transgenic rats and mice.

• Majority of the pharmaceutical companies and CROs/Clinical Companies prefer these ELISAs over automated assays and other test for

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